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Meet the New Money Girls

Be a part of the very first brunch (and the moment Delia and O'Shea decided they definitely didn't like each other). Find an alternate ending to Zion and Cahir's love story. Spend more time (this is a full-length novel y'all!!!) with your favorite book boyfriend, Guy. 

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Enemies No More

An Enemies to Lovers Standalone

Why pretend? He knows he doesn't want to be her enemy. He never has...

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Better as Friends

Book 1 in the Cassidy and Cahir Series

Friends? Just friends? Yeah, right.

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Better than Your Ex

Book 2 in the Cassidy and Cahir Series

Cassidy and Cahir and the ex that just won't quit...

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Better as Lovers

Book 3 in the Cassidy and Cahir Series

From friends to lovers to so much more...

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Friends to Lovers

The Complete Cassidy and Cahir Series

All three novels in one place.

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Belong to Me

Book 1 in the Tony and LeAndra Series

A king pin and a rich girl. What could possibly go wrong?

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The New Money Girls

Book 1 in the New Money Girls Series

Zion, Nadia, Delia, and O’Shea have lives, dreams, and rich men who love them — but sex and money aren’t always everything! Four friends will become a sisterhood in this sizzling page-turner.

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A New Money Girls Novel

He saw her and knew. She saw him and resisted.

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I feel like I gained a whole new outlook on life after reading this book. I learned so much I just want to hug the author. I feel like I owe her a drink or something...


We don't deserve struggle love or shady friends. Being left on read or finding out how much fun everyone had without you on social media. No one does. The New Money Girls and every other novel I write is a reminder of that, an idea of what abundant love between imperfect people looks like. For me and for you.


Jimi Gaillard-Jefferson

Author of Love Stories for Black Women

She has a burning desire to portray Black women as individuals not stereotypes, to show them falling in love with themselves and with people that respect and cherish every part of them, and to celebrate the miracle that is Black women's friendships with each other.