Jimi Gaillard-Jefferson

Author of Love Stories for Black Women

She has a burning desire to portray Black women as individuals not stereotypes, to show them falling in love with people that respect and cherish every part of them, and to celebrate the miracle that is Black women's friendships with each other.


Everyday! Ideas come while she's on the elevator, mid-conversation, while she's working out, cooking, eating-So many ideas and so little time.


The best writers are even better readers, right? Jimi always has at least two books in her purse-non-fiction for education and fiction for inspiration. And her Kindle? Don't get her started on her Kindle.


A hobby she picked up in college. It's just another way to tell a story, isn't it?


White, red, sparkling-Jimi's never met a wine she couldn't grow to love. She's currently obsessed with Italian wines and Champagnes.

Book Pics

Taking pictures of books became her way of remembering what she read and why she did or didn't love it. Follow her on Instagram @jimitheartist.com to see the books she's reading and writing.


Can you say no to a good sale? Jimi can't either. She's still got six succulents, a crew neck, and two books in her Amazon cart. That's just the way she likes it.