You Did It!

Thanks for inviting Derrick and Angelique into your life. I don’t want to send him to the wrong place like your spam or promotions folder. A man like him deserves better. Right?

To avoid all of that confusion and make sure Negotiating Forever and all of the other free novellas and short stories I’m going to send you (yes, there are more) end up in the right place make sure you whitelist my email address aka add me to your list of safe senders. Don’t know how to do that? Click the link below and scroll through the article until you find your email provider.

Whitelist Emails

Was the confirmation email in the right place? Whitelist me anyways lol. Did you already whitelist my email (thank you, thank you)? Head on back to your inbox. I’ll probably remind you to whitelist one more time because I’m neurotic like that. We love each other anyways. 

Talk to you soon,