Belong to Me (Book One in the Tony and LeAndra Series)

When their worlds collide sparks fly. So do tempers.




LeAndra has it all: money, power, beauty…on the surface. Behind the perfectly coiffed façade, lies a crippling loneliness and a desperate longing to be loved. When love comes knocking on her door, everything she’s ever dreamed of becomes a reality. Not everyone is happy for her. They don’t know just how far LeAndra will go to keep the new life and love she’s found.

Tony is perfection personified: handsome, charismatic, powerful. As a kingpin, he has to be. It’s why he carefully crafts his every move. That is until he meets LeAndra. She’s more dangerous than anyone he’s come across. That makes her even more appealing to him. He’s changed his world for her, risked everything for her. Will it be worth it in the end or will Tony lose everything?


Will he quit the game for love? Will she abandon the only world she's ever known to be part of his? Find out. Grab your copy of book one in the Tony and LeAndra series now!