Better as Friends (Cassidy and Cahir Book 1)

They were friends. Just friends. Until the moment he said something- just one sentence- and they became so much more.


Stylist Cassidy is done with men. Her last boyfriend hid a wife and two kids from her. Better to be alone. Or so she things until Cahir becomes her styling client. Cahir, the man that’s absolutely off limits. She could lose everything- her career, her new friends, her heart. Better to be friends. Even if they do see eye to eye. Even if he understand her better than anyone else.

Cahir’s not free to give anyone his heart. 

Cahir is a tech billionaire. Cahir’s ex broke him in a way no one understands except Cassidy. Every minute he spends with her he feels whole, normal, like he can breathe again. Until the day he can’t see Cassidy as a friend anymore. And she may have given him an opportunity to show her how good being more than friends can be.


Just Friends?

Can Cahir fall for Cassidy when his ex refuses to let him go and has a secret that could ruin everything?