Better as Lovers (Cassidy and Cahir Book 3)

From friends to lovers to something so much more…


A mother. Cassidy never thought that would be where she and Cahir went next but he’s always felt like family and home. Why not?

Except motherhood isn’t what Cassidy thought it would be. Holding her daughter isn’t what she thought it would be. Being with Cahir isn’t what it used to be. But Cassidy can’t tell anyone that it’s all going wrong. She’ll lose everything she loves.

Cahir has found bliss. He has everything he ever wanted. For a while. Until he realizes that Cassidy is doing everything she can to push him away, to hide from him. He’ll fight for them. He’ll always fight for them. But if he loses he doesn’t just lose his best friend. He loses his his family.

In the final book in the Cassidy and Cahir series, Cassidy and Cahir must decide what their forever, and their family, will be.


Just Friends?

Why deny the truth? They've never been just friends, and they never will be