Better than your Ex (Cassidy and Cahir Book 2)

It’s not her fault she’s just better…


Cahir was supposed to be Cassidy’s. Her best friend and something more. But there she is in an elevator as he explains that his ex is pregnant with his baby. He lied to her. Worse, he made her love him. He showed her there’s no one in the world quite like him. But Cassidy is going to try. She’s going to try real hard to walk away.

Cahir promised himself that his ex wouldn’t win. 

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, but Cahir shouldn’t be surprised. Life was good. Too good. Of course his ex would come back with news he couldn’t believe and ruin his life as he knows it. He didn’t fight last time, but he’s not going to lose Cassidy. They belong together. He’s going to make sure she knows it.


Just Friends?

It's just better if you're friends first...