Conquer with Me (Book Two in the Tony and LeAndra Series)

There’s blood on her hands and at his feet.



LeAndra’s things are packed in boxes and stacked by Tony’s front door. He can’t have a conversation with her much less look her in the eye. He can’t take off his wedding ring. He’s still doing business with her. He’s protecting her from her father.

Thanks to LeAndra Tony is a shell of the man that he used to be but no matter what he does he can’t forget LeAndra is the love of his life.

For a little while LeAndra had it all. she stood beside her husband and knew they’d always be happy, be together. If he listened to her, if he trusted her, if he didn’t run away when she made things right, they would still be happy. Instead Tony wants to punish LeAndra for doing what had to be done. Doesn’t he know she always gets what she wants? And what LeAndra wants most is to get her life and her man back.


Dive back into their world!

Can Tony and LeAndra reclaim the love they shared?