Control (Book Five in the New Money Girls Series)

No woman ever got anywhere in life, business, or love without exerting some control.




Nadia looks down at her engagement ring and is sure of who she is, who Fine is. She knows him so well that his body language alone is enough to tell her that the visiting physician at his hospital is much more than a friend. He’s an ex. Nadia’s been through too much and been a New money Girl too long to give up her man. She’ll handle it. And she’ll show Fine exactly where he belongs. Will she be able to handle what happens to her and Fine once she shows him she’s in control?

Pregnant O’Shea is happier than she’s ever been with her life. Or she was until Zion showed up, Guy’s ex, Charmeine, decided to try and get that old thing back, and she discovered just how complicated pregnancy could be. O’Shea is never worried about right and wrong. She gets what she wants. How many lines will she cross to continue living life on her terms?

Delia let Poppy and Bernard blackmail her to keep her past from ruining her relationship with Colton only to discover he’s already known. And never cared. Delia knows she should be relieved; she wants to run. And Colton isn’t falling for Delia’s tricks and attempts to make him think everything is okay. Will Delia let go of her past to build a future with Colton?

In the fifth and final book in the New Money Girl’s series, O’Shea, Nadia, and Delia show us once again that the one thing they’ve never had to question is their sisterhood. And they’ll do anything to protect each other.