Going to Hell (Book Four in the New Money Girls Series)

The road to hell is paved with the New Money Girl’s best intentions…




Nadia and Fine are in a good place, an amazing place. Nadia feels like she’s finally moving forward with her life. Then Mr and Mrs get a girlfriend. Nadia isn’t jealous. But she’s met the new girlfriend and knows that woman is all wrong for Mr and Mrs. When no one listens to her, Nadia decides to take matters into her own hands. Will she do so much to save Mr and Mrs’s relationship that she sabotages her own?

Delia has her sisters, the right man, and a business that’s only getting more and more successful. Former escorts aren’t supposed to be too happy or successful though. when Delia is told that her past will be revealed to Colton unless she does what she’s told, she acquiesces. But Delia’s a New Money Girl. When she decides to fight back is she also deciding to lose everything including the man she loves?

O’Shea thought the fight was over. With Guy she didn’t have to be strong, witty, or two steps ahead: she could just be herself. But who is she? Guy has expectations that she just can’t seem to fulfill. Should she be herself or what the man she loves needs?


Disappear into the New Money Girls glamorous world

Success, money, love, sex, and beauty. The New Money Girls should be in heaven but having it all is never easy. Get your copy of Going to Hell today!