Never Too Much (Book Two in the New Money Girls Series)

What if you want more than you should? More love, more money, more freedom, more acceptance? Can there be too much of a good thing? Find out in book 2 of the New Money Girls Series!



Nadia chose the unconventional path. She chose Mr and Mrs. It was great…for a while. But Nadia doesn’t want to be on the fringes of a relationship. she wants to be the center. When she gets that chance will she take it?

Delia’s graduated, her business is thriving, and there’s a man. a professional athlete that shuts down restaurants for her, takes her on shopping sprees, and drapers her in jewelry. Sometimes his words don’t match his actions but her sisters don’t have to point that out. Will Delia wreck her relationship with her sisters to keep him?

Zion lives in regret but she know she doesn’t have too. If Cahir loves her like he says, he’ll understand that to fix their relationship she’ll have to break them a little more- a lot more. But what if he doesn’t understand? What if no one does? will Zion let go of what she wants most to keep what she needs most?

Getting your happily ever after doesn’t mean much if you decide you don’t want to keep it. Continue your journey with the New Money Girls today.

They're back!

In book 1 Nadia chose the unconventional path and relationship. Delia graduated and started a business. Zion fell in love. O'Shea found freedom. What will happen to the New Money Girls next?