Talk that Talk (Book Three in the New Money Girls Series)

Nadia, O’Shea, and Delia aren’t afraid to say what they mean and mean what they say. But getting what they say they want? Getting the things they were afraid to wish for aloud? That’s a different story.




It’s not a question of whether Nadia loves Fine or whether she regrets choosing him over Mr and Mrs. Fine’s the one for her so when he comes to her and suggests they add another person to their relationship of course she agrees. Of course she hides her panic with a smile. It was supposed to be different wit Fine. She wasn’t supposed to be afraid that she’d end up on the fringes of her own relationship. Is it better to share him or lose him?

Delia wasn’t supposed to leave Johnny. He’s made it very clear that Delia should know her place. Derrick and Colton each think Delia’s place is with them. They’re both willing to show her why. Can Delia choose between cunning Colton and sensitive romantic Derrick?

O’shea has Domingo’s money, a new business venture, her freedom. She’s telling everyone she’s okay. they all believe her-except Guy. He sees her- even the parts of her that she refuses to acknowledge. When Domingo tries to destroy her life again will O’shea find the strength to save herself and her future with Guy or fall under Domingo’s control again?

In the third book in the New Money Girl’s series, Nadia, Delia, and O’shea face new challenges, find love, and keep showing up for Sunday brunch. Grab your copy of Talk that Talk and spend more time with your favorite book friends.