The First Brunch (The New Money Girls Prequel)

Zion thought they would get along. She should have known better.




Before they were sisters, before they were friends, sugar baby O’Shea and escort Delia were two strangers Zion invited to brunch.

O’Shea’s not even a sugar baby. She’s a bartender with a very wealthy boss but success and a sugar daddy are close. She needs to focus on her plans no on Delia, the escort Zion invited to join them for brunch. O’Shea promised to be nice to Delia…to try to be nice. But Delia’s one of those sensitive girls that thinks they know everything and everything is about them. When Delia takes on a dangerous client is it O’Shea’s responsibility to save her?






Before Nadia was invited to brunch. Before O'Shea painted. Before Delia became a stylist. Go back to where it all began in this prequel to the New Money Girls series.