The New Money Girls

Zion, Delia, Nadia, and O’shea have lives, dreams, and rich men who love them-but sex and money aren’t everything! Four friends find the power of sisterhood in this sizzling page turner!




Zion, a sugar baby, has the home of her dreams, money, investments, a closet larger than her bedroom full of designer clothers. She’s sure she’s happy. Until she meets Cahir. He makes her yearn for more. Can she walk away from what she thought was the perfect life for love?

Delia, an escort, aspiring stylist, and the youngest of the New Money Girls, just was to be seen as an adult. When her life as an escort collides with her dreams of being a styling in the worst possible way she knows her friends can make all of her problems go away but she doesn’t want to be the “baby” they have to care for. Will Delia lose what she has and what she’s always wanted by remaining silent?

Event planner Nadia was raised in the church; she was raised to care. To care what people thought of her, how they saw her, what they said about her. She thought she’d crafted the right image. It wasn’t the most glamorous but it worked. Until she found out her best friend was a sugar baby. Until the most powerful married couple in the City said they wanted and her and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. Now Nadia has to decide if she wants to do what’s expected or what she wants.

O’shea had a plan: be Domingo’s sugar baby. Deal with his demands and the way he treated her. Take his money and try to build her career as Can she admit her plan isn’t working and get way from Domingo before it’s too late?

Four different women with four very different lives come together every Sunday for brunch and for each other. What they build and who they become changes them forever. Dive into their world and meet your four new best friends today!


Four Women

Meet two sugar babies, an event planner, and an escort that will change how you look at friendship, sisterhood, and love forever!