Cassidy and Cahir

Friends? Just Friends? Yeah, right.

Better as Friends

Book 1 in the Cassidy and Cahir Series

They were friends. Just friends. Then Cahir said something- just one sentence- and suddenly they were so much more.

Can Cahir fall for Cassidy when his ex refuses to let him go?

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Better than your Ex

Book 2 in the Cassidy and Cahir Series

More than friends. And then everything fell apart. Cahir didn't fight the last time his world was upended. He won't make the same mistake twice.

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Better as Lovers

Book 3 in the Cassidy and Cahir Series

Motherhood? Cassidy was thought she was ready for the challenge but motherhood-and loving Cahir-isn't what she expected it to be. Can she truly have it all?

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