The New Money Girls

Two sugar babies, an escort, an event planner, and Sunday brunch.

The New Money Girls

Book 1 in the New Money Girls Series

Zion, Delia, Nadia, and O’shea have lives, dreams, and rich men who love them-but sex and money aren’t everything! Four friends find the power of sisterhood in this sizzling page turner!

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Never Too Much

Book 2 in the New Money Girls Series

What if you want more than you should? More love, more money, more freedom, more acceptance? Can there be too much of a good thing? Find out in book 2 of the New Money Girls Series!

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Talk that Talk

Book 3 in the New Money Girls Series

Nadia, O’Shea, and Delia aren’t afraid to say what they mean and mean what they say. But getting what they say they want? Getting the things they were afraid to wish for aloud? That’s a different story.

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Going to Hell

Book 4 in the New Money Girls Series

The road to hell is paved with the New Money Girl’s best intentions.

Success, money, love, sex, and beauty. The New Money Girls should be in heaven but having it all is never easy.

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Book 5 in the New Money Girls Series

No woman ever got anywhere in life, business, or love without exerting some control.

O’Shea, Nadia, and Delia show us once again that the one thing they’ve never had to question is their sisterhood. And they’ll do anything to protect each other.

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A New Money Girls Novel

He saw her and knew. She saw him and resisted. He’s never backed down from a fight- especially when his heart’s on the line.

Does Guy have the patience to let O’Shea come to him in her own time and her own way?

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