Tony and LeAndra

A king pin and a rich girl. What could possibly go wrong?

Belong to Me

Book 1 in the Tony and LeAndra Series

When their worlds collide sparks fly. So do tempers.

Will he quit the game for love? Will she abandon the only world she's ever known to be part of his? Find out. Grab your copy of book one in the Tony and LeAndra series now!

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Conquer with Me

Book 2 in the Tony and LeAndra Series

There’s blood on her hands and at his feet. Tony is a shell of the man he used to be but he can't forget that LeAndra is the love of his life.


Can the two reclaim the love they once shared?

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Rule with Me

Book 3 in the Tony and LeAndra Series

They never should have found each other but they did. They’ll do whatever it takes to be together again. If LeAndra doesn’t learn to trust herself she’ll never learn to trust anyone or anything again. All eyes are on her.

Can two lost souls find their way back to love and live life the way they'd planned: happily together?

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